Sunday, February 22, 2009

DiGi Prepaid I Like™

With new DiGi Prepaid I Like™, the customers can enjoy RM0.36 per min for call and RM0.10 per sms. Meanwhile, MMS is just for RM0.25. All charges is for any network. Todays, the customers can purhase the new DiGi Prepaid I Like™ for only RM8.50 and inside consist of RM5.00. A new number can extend for 3 month if the users do not top up for his or her number.

Meanwhile, there are 4 special features for this new DiGi Prepaid I Like™

For this super FnF features, the customers can save more with adding their friends and family numbers. Now they can even add until 15 favorite numbers. Include 4 others telco. RM0.15 per min for call and RM0.01 per message.

My brother is using this features and it does help my brother to save more compare with last time. My brother use to sms so this features is suitable for him and he like this features.

My uncle always travel around countries and he does not want his number to be expired so he choose to activate for this super long life features.

My friend use to talk and call. His monthly payment for his line is about RM300 per month. Last time, he was Maxis user. Once he change to DiGi prepaid and activate for this feature. He had save for RM100 per month compared with last time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That's Me, DaViD Zai ^^

First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lee Yew Ping, 23 years old. I am from Banting, Selangor. You all can call me David as well, which is more friendly to you all. I am majoring in Marketing Management and this semester is my final semester. Hope everything will going smooth. I had done my industrial training at DiGi distributor. It is fun and interesting. I had learned a lot and found out that being DiGi stuff is fun and challenging. Although sometime the task that given is hard but no pain no gain. This is what I had learned. So, I decide to choose DiGi as my blogging topic.