Monday, March 23, 2009


I think a lot of people sure asking the same question about the DiGi's network coverage. Based on the survey from majority people. DiGi's network coverage is not that good while we are in the outstation (outside the town, more near to the village area or forest area). Sometime even no coverage at all. This is why, some of people rather using others telco but not DiGi. This is one of the disadvantage of DiGi. Besides, 3G also another hot topic that discussed among the people. 3G is the technology that quite famous in the foreign country like Japan but in Malaysia, it still not famous enough. Now, it just capable in certain areas only. Except DiGi, others telco had provided this 3G technology to their customers. Well, for me, I think expect those problem, DiGi still the telco that give us the most cheapest call rate. Just this moment, they still havent solve for the problem but I believe that they will improve it in the future ^^

What you think?Hope to get from you all respond?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More About D'Campus

Since we are MMU student, you all sure notice that DiGi is promoting their D'Campus very rapidly around MMU. There are promoting in certain hot spot around MMU because those places are the hot spot where many students gather around. For example, EP, Ixora food court and some where nearby Ixora Apartment. What is so interesting and so special about D'Campus? After RM1 voice usage daily, you can call for free. Besides, you can also sms to your best friend with lowest cost for just RM0.01 per sms. Just to remind that, you all can only enjoy this benefits inzone only (MMU area). If outzone (outside MMU), voice call will charges for RM0.36 to all networks. For me, this is a good new for MMU students because it can help the students who like to talk more inzone with friend to save more.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Curently, I am DiGi Value 50 postpaid user. Here, I want to share about this benefit from this package. Before I am using this package, I was other telco's user and it cost a lot for me. During that time, I didnt realize about this package untill I join in DiGi and notice about it. So without any consideration, I quickly change to this Value 50 package. Surprisingly, it helps me to save more. The call rate is very cheap that is RM0.13 per minute and sms is just for RM0.10 per message. Besides, if you like to MMS more, this package is definately valueable for you because it just cost for RM0.20 per MMS. These benefit is for all the network. For more detail, you can go to the right corner there and click for DiGi Postpaid. For those who interest can go to Jaya Jusco, Bukit Beruang to register for this package. Trust me! It really save more than you expect ^^