Monday, March 23, 2009


I think a lot of people sure asking the same question about the DiGi's network coverage. Based on the survey from majority people. DiGi's network coverage is not that good while we are in the outstation (outside the town, more near to the village area or forest area). Sometime even no coverage at all. This is why, some of people rather using others telco but not DiGi. This is one of the disadvantage of DiGi. Besides, 3G also another hot topic that discussed among the people. 3G is the technology that quite famous in the foreign country like Japan but in Malaysia, it still not famous enough. Now, it just capable in certain areas only. Except DiGi, others telco had provided this 3G technology to their customers. Well, for me, I think expect those problem, DiGi still the telco that give us the most cheapest call rate. Just this moment, they still havent solve for the problem but I believe that they will improve it in the future ^^

What you think?Hope to get from you all respond?

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