Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DiGi D'Campus

Here, I am going to discuss about this issue to you all that DiGi is doing too aggressive of D'Campus's promotion around MMU. In my point of view, although it can boost up their sales and create awareness to the student but it might lead to over exposure of their advertising activity. As consequences, student might feel bored to see its activity and in the same time that they might avoid from their promoters as well.

Another issue is the market are not always be there because student are likely to purchase for this package will become lesser and lesser. Besides, this might also waste the time of the promoters and the effort from the DiGi's stuffs for doing routine aggressive D'Campus's promotion and advertising.

Do you agree with me? Or do you all have any others opinion?
Welcome you all to left down your comment ^^


  1. yes.i'm agree with it. one more things is that sometimes Digi line are not really good in certain places compared to others. eventhough i not the digi user, i just give my opinion based on my freieds that had use the digi.

  2. Yaya. I do agree with you. Perhaps, they are trying to solve the coverage problem.

  3. Ya I agree. David may I recommend u to change you font more bolder and bigger so that it can be much more comfortable to read. Plus you can put more picture to make it more interesting.

  4. hey, nowadays that Digi, Maxis and Celcom doing promotional aggressively outside our campus. I would suggest you compare call rate between these 3 companies so that we can know which one is the cheapest. I think it will be a useful information for us. you can do it with the Maxis blog